The Queen Must Go


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The Queen Must Go


Last year Queen Elizabeth ii became the longest reigning monarch in British history, and the people, without thought, rejoiced. But I, on the other hand, do not believe that the long reign of something which is thoroughly outdated, outmoded, needlessly expensive & exhausted ought to be celebrated; but rather, that such a milestone should serve as a spur for a collective surge in republicanism. To allow a wrinkled piece of breathing history to continue to rob the people of GB (each year, according to the Royal Grant, a total of £35 million), and to count on their stupidity & inability to investigate & think seriously about the matter, is no cause for happiness or joy; but instead for – you would think – nationwide condemnation.

According to the lobby group, Republic, the total cost of maintaining & continuing the Monarchy, in total, to the taxpayer is around £202.4 million. Approximately, this amount of money could be used to employ 9,000 nurses & 8,000 policemen. Are we spending this money wisely? Can the Monarchy, used only for ceremonial purposes and of whom haven’t any real power in the modern world, be worth more to us than the safekeeping of our streets & lives? I think not. And also we must question what duties of theirs – these Monarchs – merit such a large amount of money. Is the Queen settling trade deals with China, saving our steel industry, or keeping the country safe? No, she isn’t. In fact the Monarchy, now in the modern age & existing within what’s called a constitutional monarchy, is now so without power that it must be embarrassing for them. And pro-Monarchists may in response say to this that they are – the Royal Family – good representatives & that they are travelling the world on our behalf’s & setting a good example; but excuse me, don’t we have a Prime Minister for that? This person who is much cheaper to maintain, whom we as a people have selected to represent us, and whom because of that fact, is able to – whether here or abroad – symbolise the modern & democratic Britain of which an unelected monarch could not; and can never. Why then are we, the taxpayers & hard workers, having 59p per head taken out of our pay checks which we have earned through blood, sweat & tears to fund a family of whom are much worse than the common, council estate dwelling, benefit fraud? Apparently the Monarchy are a symbol of Britishness, but with that, I must disagree. They are only a symbol of the past – a past which has now become such a problem to the people of the UK that it is impeding their futures. We must clear away the past to make room for the future; we mustn’t continue to so thoughtlessly cling onto an organisation of crooks whom are depending on our obsession with the past & urge to horde, that they may continue to avoid ever having to work a day in their lives.

There also exists a conflict of politics. For instance, we are raised within a system, we are told, where our leaders are elected and where anyone, for that matter, can become such a leader. Regardless of the background any one British citizen (or “subject”) is born into, he or she may become – in the future – through tireless work & effort, a councillor, an MP, a Prime Minister; but not ever the head of state. We are not living within a democracy. And this will remain the case for so long as the British Monarchy exists. But now, let us examine the problem of the heredity principle (the problem of being born into power, and not being given the power on the basis of one’s intelligence or ability). Consider the following: the head of state (the current ruling monarch – which in this case is Queen Elizabeth ii) holds supreme power & ultimate control & authority over the armed forces of the United Kingdom. Every soldier, upon their graduation of sorts, is made to take an oath of allegiance not to the elected government chosen by the people, but to the ruling monarch. Therefore, if ever we find ourselves in a crisis situation, it will not be those we have chosen that call the shots, but the tyrant sitting upon the throne. The tyrant whom we know only so little about. What if, considering that the head of state is born into power, the next time around – after the current Queen “pops her clogs” – we have a ruler of mental questionability? Someone who simply isn’t all there; someone that is hot headed, and that would declare war over an ant hill; or who, more seriously, would without thought plunge the entire country into death & chaos? The danger of not being able to select our leaders is that without so doing, we could potentially (perhaps inevitably) be leaving too much power in the hands of someone whose credentials & qualifications do not fit the bill (which we are doing). We could, for instance, end up with an idiot on the seat of the throne, or a warmonger, or a child, or a person of disagreeable beliefs & politics – and if we did, we wouldn’t be able to do anything, by law, about it. How is that democratic? How is any of that sensible? And how can we, still, for any good reason, support such a dangerously outdated & entirely useless position?

The Monarchy must go. The Queen must go. And when they have gone, we will let Dennis Skinner MP (Bolsover) decide what to do with them:

“When we’ve got rid of em, I don’t believe we should be cruel like Thatcher & throw them on the dole. I think we should provide them with work. I think that Di & Fergie should become marriage guidance councillors, I believe the Queen could take a job at Royal Ascots – looking after the horses; because that’s their real bent – and Prince Phillip, he could be running a kebab shop in North London” – Dennis Skinner MP


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