As a coordinator for my local region of Republic, I have a varied and exciting role that primarily explores different ways to promote republicanism and the aims of the Republic campaign to the general public.

This involves working with the local media, issuing press releases about our group’s activities and arranging interviews with our members. I have arranged visits to other sympathetic and pro-democracy groups to give talks and co-ordinated activities and social events for our supporters. These include leafleting sessions, manning stalls and tables at events, demonstrations when members of the royal family visit the area, visiting relevant museums or other attractions and fund raising.

A typical week for me involves welcoming new supporters, answering emails from members, (both new and current), following up on new ideas, arranging events, managing our budget, ordering merchandise and equipment, and communicating with other local areas. We work closely with Republic HQ and the key workers for our own local group. Of course I also have to keep up to date on all relevant current affairs and the Republic and republican online presence via the many social networking web sites as well as in the media. I produce literature for our group and the general public and am constantly updating and adding to this. Oh and I also occasionally do a bit of ‘themed’ baking for everyone!

As well as supporting most of our local activities, there are also Republic’s national events to attend, such as the Annual General Meeting, the Annual Conference and our regular Local Action Days. These are where all the local groups get together to attend workshops for training, updates and to discuss ideas and current events. All these national events are a great way to touch base with everyone. They are free and usually open to all.

I work very closely with our local coordinator and we are always bouncing ideas of each other and discussing developments. We have regular meetings and work well as a team, both having skills in different areas. He is an excellent and confident public speaker and is good at networking with people whereas my skills lie in organisation and production. We also have other people who make valuable contributions, a mixed ‘tool-bag’ of skill-sets which we can draw on. We have recently taken on a new local coordinator for our area and are looking to expand by recruiting more.

That is why it is so great working for Republic; we have very free and flexible roles and are able to work autonomously while being supported by Republic HQ. Whatever skills or experience you have, you can get involved and make a real positive difference. Republic is a very friendly, supportive organisation, full of interesting and passionate people who are a pleasure to work with.

It has been very motivating and inspiring to watch our local group grow over the past year and see the enthusiasm for our cause from our supporters. It is great to see all our combined efforts pay off by the campaign going from strength to strength and the increased support at all our events and activities.

I would encourage all supporters to get more involved with us by offering up your skills, experience, specialist knowledge or simply your enthusiasm to your local group (or set one up yourself if there isn’t one in your local area!) to help us keep up the momentum. We are always keen to hear new thoughts and ideas and all are welcome to get involved. There is plenty of opportunity for everyone.

What do you enjoy doing and what are your strengths? Come and share them with us and be part of shaping history! It’s lots of fun!


Republic North West events and Manchester coordinator